It is not about are you communicating or not, it’s about to who and how you are communicating.

Massi Hannula is a lively and creative professional communicator. She is fluent in the Nordic communication environment, e-commerce market, knows her way around Social Media. Important in communication is to understand cultural differences as advantage in marketing and information distribution to a different cultural groups within Northern Europe.

Massi specialises in creating user-friendly, emotive communication strategies, using the most suitable technologies, platforms and knowledge in user experience and human behaviour and connecting web interface design with marketing and communication strategies.

The biggest advantage in hiring Massi to do the work is her very broad experience and competences within the Nordic market and knowledge in the difference in the marketing cultures and human behaviour. I know my way around different electronic media platforms, trends and design.

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“To help us at ‘Fastaval’ – a major roleplay and board game convention in Denmarl with around 700 participants – I headhunted Massi for the quite demanding job of running international communications, PR and taking care of our special guest (a hotshot from the U.S.).
I was not dissapointed. At all. To call Massi engaged, dedicated and “to the point” is an understatement. She not only excells in completing tasks layed out before her – she can also quickly adapt to new enviroments and changes, and spots challenges before before others take notice – and solves them. Massi is one of the 10 people I know, that I would hire on the spot if I had the opportunity and needed a skilled communicator.” – Bo Thomasen, Fastaval 2014 communication manager

“I was one of the head organizers of the Ropecon 2012 and 2013 events where Massi was in charge of public relations and promotion. On both years, Massi distinguished herself by taking initiative and setting objectives for herself that were significantly beyond the basic job description. She approached these goals with her characteristic style: ambitiously, pragmatically and efficiently. Massi manages to combine these attributes with being good at communicating to others and receptive to new ideas, and is able to act professionally at the worst of times.” – Jussi Leinonen, Ropecon 2012 and 2013 main organiser

“Massi is one of the most energetic and efficient PR people I’ve hade the pleasure to work with. She keeps to mutually agreed deadlines and schedules even in high stress situations without loosing her good spirits.” – Ville Takanen, Ropecon President of the Board 2012